Sanctioning Agent can help you demystify communication and brand identity issues through our in-depth and practical knowledge, complimented by our accessible intelligence services. In the meantime, these resources may help you. If in doubt, contact Sanctioning Agent.

White Papers & Articles
Check out these recently declassified white papers and articles that demonstrate some of Sanctioning Agent's intellectual capital.

Group Communication Article
A short article focusing on team dynamics and communication outcomes, originally published by Human Capital: Strategies & News.

Group Communication White Paper
White paper Agent Arnold authored for a previous employer.

Symbolic Convergence Theory Paper
Example of one of Dr. Cragan's many research papers on symbolic convergence theory.

Group Decision Support Systems
Book chapter Matt Arnold co-authored with John Cragan and David Wright. The chapter was based on the chief agent's thesis.

Machine Candidate
Newsweek article from 1979 featuring Cragan & Shields. Early application of SCT.


Case Studies

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