Why would you choose Sanctioning Agent?

Because you want to have a unique identity. You want to be more than a commodity. Sanctioning Agent helps organizations build unique, relevant and valuable brands. Position yourself before you are positioned by the marketplace.

With the number of advertising, public relations, brand and identity shops out there, why should one choose Sanctioning Agent?

Sanctioning Agent delivers quality solutions, through great service and practical pricing. While we are confident in our ability to compete on quality, service, and price, we believe that most firms out there are over-charging and under-delivering. You shouldn't pay for outdated, outmoded and obsolete research and brand practices.

When your identity is defined and you truly own your own identity, it is a lot easier to work the advertising firms, PR firms and creative shops. At Sanctioning Agent, we may seem cocky, but we are really charming and downright nice. We can play well with your preferred firms (perhaps even educating them along the way) to develop and deliver your winning identity.






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