Built on a a framework of ground-breaking empirical research and successful application, Sanctioning Agent develops winning communication and brand identity strategies. These strategies help clients develop a valuable and unique symbolic identity.

We start with meaning, motive, emotion, and identity. These are all core parts of every message. Their potential to resonate positively or negatively resides in every message and symbolic action.

Sanctioning Agent's approach to brand means moving beyond an emotional connection and simple demographic analysis. To be frank, too many marketing and PR firms make their customers pay for "scavenger hunts:" they're not sure what they're looking for or what they'll find, but they have fun spending your money along the way. Sanctioning Agent's approach is rooted in solid empirical research, successful application, and commitment to our customer. We believe that scavenger hunts work at parties - they don't work for symbolic identities.

Through our proprietary SymbolicID™ process, Sanctioning Agent is able to research, develop and define unique symbolic identities for our customers. Through the effective application of qualitative and quantitative analysis, a blend of art and science, creativity, and some really boring stuff you don't want to know about, Sanctioning Agent produces effective communication strategies. Moving beyond the standard analysis and outdated processes, Sanctioning Agent takes a sophisticated look at your market but makes the abstract concrete through strategic and tactical recommendations.

Sanctioning Agent's SymbolicID™ process includes qualitative and quantitative analysis which addresses four primary factors:

Our SymbolicID™ process can help you more accurately understand, explain and predict winning brand strategies and improve your overall communication effectiveness with your constituencies.

Sanctioning Agent maintains a passion and commitment to understanding human communication. We believe that communication is the process through which people share information and create meaning. Meaning does not reside solely in the sender, receiver, or even the message. Inherent in our communication and identity methodology is the belief that meaning is negotiated. Through communication interactions, meaning is produced or co-created by the participants of those interactions.

Sanctioning Agent helps our customers develop positioning statements and identities that serve as organizing hubs for future interactions. These symbolic hubs help organize ideas, align internal and external positioning, and drive the consistency and amplification of your message.

Organizational Communication:
Communication organizes! Organizational communication is the way in which we communicate in organized structures and the way in which communication organizes. As humans, we shape and construct the world around us through the development and deployment of our symbol systems. Those symbol systems, in turn, shape us. How is your current messaging influencing the world around you? Are you leveraging your communication interactions?



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