Mentor - Declassified Profile

Name: Cragan, John
Title: Mentor; Professor Emeritus
Last Known Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota - USA
Gender: Male
Skills: Symbolic Identity, group decision making, qualitative and quantitative research, humor.

• BA, Northern Illinois University;
• MA, University of Missouri - Kansas City;
• PhD, University of Minnesota

Short Bio: One of the developers of Symbolic Convergence Theory; Dr. Cragan is a Professor of Communication Studies at the University of St. Thomas and professor Emeritus at Illinois State University, Normal, IL. He has co-authored seven books, the most recent being: Communication in Small Groups: Theory, Process, Skills, 6th edition. He has published over forty professional articles and has presented over eighty scholarly papers at international and national communication conventions. He received the Outstanding Research Award in the Arts and Sciences College at Illinois State University; and the top Applied Communication Research Book for Symbolic Theories in Applied Communication Research: Bormann, Burke, and Fisher, from the National Communication Association.

Cragan presently teaches several small group communication and management decision-making classes for the Illinois Fire Chiefs Association. Dr. Cragan has conducted scores of marketing communication studies for Fortune 500 companies, such as Pfizer, 3M, Upjohn, Monsanto, State Farm, Caterpillar, Pioneer, and Growmark.





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